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Große Gewächse (Grand Crus), rare vintages, and entry level wines – Discover wines at a discount with our Stetter Wine Bundles.

Enjoy select wines from Germany’s premier regions as well as hand selected wines from around the globe with our wine bundles. And that at a price below the individual bottle price!

Check this page to find our newest wine bundles spotlighting different themes.

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of a wine region, a grape variety or a specific winery? We have the perfect wine bundle for you!

Perhaps a vertical tasting of Große Gewächse (German Grand Crus) with a group of wine-loving friends? We would be happy to supply you with a wine bundle containing three or more top vintages of the same vineyard or cru.

Alternatively, we offer horizontal tastings of Große Gewächse (Grand Crus) from different vineyards of the same vintage from different wineries or a single producer.

Or try our Stetter Webshop Launch Bundle with exclusive bottlings from the highest rated winery in Württemberg, Weingut Aldinger.

Either way, you’ll find the perfect wine bundle here, on Weinshop Stetter.


Riesling GG

VDP.Grosse Lage®

On the best vineyards of Germany, first-class sites, soil ambassadors and liquid calling cards for our vintners.

The key to the uniqueness of VDP.Wines is their origin. The soil, light and shade, wind, heat and coolness all contribute to making the wines exceptional and give them personality and character. The winegrowers in the VDP analyze these conditions in detail, consulting old vineyard maps, searching for appropriate grape varieties and evaluating the vineyards based on both their historical performance and current potential. Our VDP classification is based on a clear philosophy: the narrower the origin, the higher the quality

VDP.GROSSE LAGE® is the designation for the highest quality German vineyards. This is where Germany’s finest wines grow – wines notable for their individual character and ability to express the essence of their vineyard of origin. They are also known for their long potential cellarability. VDP.GROSSE LAGE® wines are planted with grape varieties typical for the region and matching the needs of that respective vineyard. The vineyards are precisely demarcated by parcel. We call dry wines from these vineyards VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS®.  

In particular, the German Riesling „GG“s from VDP.GROSSEN LAGEN® are regularly rated among the best Rieslings in the world by countless international Sommeliers and Wine Critics.

We are also of the same opinion and have, therefore, for years had Riesling „GG“s prominantly featured in our selection and continue to expand our collection from year to year.  These wines will persuade you with a brilliance, complexity, and aging potential rarely seen in other white wines from Germany.


Rare Vintages

On this page we will be regularly releasing limited stock of rare vintages from our cellars.

On this page we will be regularly releasing limited stock of rare vintages from our cellars.

These are wines that are aged perfectly under ideal conditions which are currently offering great drinkability but show signs of continued aging potential.

Vintages which are often no longer available on the market. In part, also large format bottles which were bottled in extremely limited quantities. Stay tuned!

We have always taken great care in our Hotel and Restaurant Zur Weinsteige in Stuttgart to allow wines to slowly and perfectly age in order to present them to our guests at their peak. The same philosophy guides us at Weinhaus Stetter.

Check back periodically so you don’t miss any of the limited, rare wines on offer!


Andreas Scherles’ Top Class Wines of Germany

Andreas Scherle’s Recommendations

On this page I will be recommending you many of my favorite winemakers and their wines which are, in my opinion, among the best wines in the German wine scene.

They shape German wine culture through the natural expression of the wines grown on mostly very stony soils with a distinctive character.

As a wine lover, you have to have tried the wines the top producers have to offer in order to see and taste how grand German wines can be.

In the last few years in particular, the crystal clear rieslings of Thomas Haag have been inspiring.

Thomas & Ute Haag
Weingut Schloss Lieser


The then run-down Weingut Schloss Lieser in Mosel was purchased by Thomas Haag and his wife Ute in the 1990s.

They have, since then, through very hard work both in the vineyards and the cellar brought their winery to the pinacle of German wine.

The goal of Thomas Haag has always been to make unique and special rieslings of the highest quality. Thomas has managed this – even in difficult vintages – impressively well each year.

All renowned wine guides rate Weingut Schloss Lieser with the highest ratings of 5 out of 5 stars.

We find it outstanding that Thomas Haag has over the years built his portfolios to eight GROSSE LAGEN. Through the Terrior, connection with nature, minimal handling and spontaneous fermentation, Thomas is able to produce wines with incredible precision such that the differences between vineyards can be differentiated by taste.

His slate-soil shaped wines inspire with their complexity, minerality and invigorating acidity.