The Traditional Weinstube in the “Bohnenviertel”

Our “Weinstube”

The time-honored Swabian „Weinstube“ is a mainstay in Swabian culture. As a primarily wine drinking culture, „Weinstube“ have always been watering holes for locals to gather, drink wine by the „Viertele“ (quarter liter or approx. 8oz glasses at a time), and share food with one another. Similar to an English Pub or Tavern, a „Weinstube“ is a local institution which has been in operation for generations with the traditional decor to match. Other than a bit of renovation over the years, the interior of our „Weinstube“ remains almost identical to how it was when it opened almost 120 years ago.

Our guests are offered a nice “Viertele” from over 40 wines by the glass or one of our 500 affordably priced wines by the bottle. Additionally we offer traditional Swabian Cuisine made exclusively with fresh meat and produce. Our Chef prepares everything from scratch, Swabian “Ravioli” to Swabian dry-aged striploin Steak with hand made Spätzle in traditional Swabian fashion.

Our Winelist

We would like to give our regulars as well as walk-ins equal opportunity to find a seat in our small restaurant. Therefore, we only accept reservations for a minimum of 4 and up to a maximum of 15 guests. We thank you for your understanding.

When making reservations, we do not reserve entire tables but seats at a table. Therefore, there is the possibility you will not have a table of your own so you may be seated with other guests at a larger table as is traditional in this type of restaurant.

If you would like to reserve seats in our “Weinstube” (between 4 and 15 people) or you have another question, please feel free to call us: +49 711 24 01 63 or contact us via email at

Accepted payment methods

  • EC-Card
  • Mastercard, VISA (not Amex or Diners)
  • Cash