Wine Bundles

Große Gewächse (Grand Crus), rare vintages, and entry level wines – Discover wines at a discount with our Stetter Wine Bundles.

Enjoy select wines from Germany’s premier regions as well as hand selected wines from around the globe with our wine bundles. And that at a price below the individual bottle price!

Check this page to find our newest wine bundles spotlighting different themes.

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of a wine region, a grape variety or a specific winery? We have the perfect wine bundle for you!

Perhaps a vertical tasting of Große Gewächse (German Grand Crus) with a group of wine-loving friends? We would be happy to supply you with a wine bundle containing three or more top vintages of the same vineyard or cru.

Alternatively, we offer horizontal tastings of Große Gewächse (Grand Crus) from different vineyards of the same vintage from different wineries or a single producer.

Or try our Stetter Webshop Launch Bundle with exclusive bottlings from the highest rated winery in Württemberg, Weingut Aldinger.

Either way, you’ll find the perfect wine bundle here, on Weinshop Stetter.