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Bret Brothers & La Soufrandière

Top BIO winemaker out of the Mâconnais

The chardonnays of the wineries Bret Brothers and La Soufrandière from the Mâconnais, Burgundy are sure to satisfy any chardonnay fan.

In 1947, Jules Bret, the grandfather of the brothers Marc-Antone Bret, Jean-Guillaume Bret, and Jean-Philippe Bret bought the winery La Soufrandière in Vinzelles in the Mâconnais wine region of southern Burgundy.

At the time, the scarce 6 hectare winery was comprised of the vineyards Pouilly – Vinzelles Climat „Les Quarts“, Pouilly – Vinzelles Climat „Les Longeays“ and Mâcon – Vinzelles „Le Clos de Grand-Père“.

The three brothers took over the family business in the year 2000 and immediately decided to transition to an organic and even biodynamic winery. The winery has been organically certified (BIO) since 2006.

Doing the work by hand, in a natural rhythm with life (following the moon and planets), the ploughing of vineyards with horses, the renouncement of herbicides and synthetic pesticides, no useage of pure bred yeast varieties, minimal use of sulfites, and exclusive use of natural cork is the only correct way to produce extraordinary wines that are balanced, lively, and reveal their Terroir.

In 2016, five hectares of organic vineyards are added in Saint Véran, Pouilly-Fuissé and a small parcel of Aligoté.

2001, the three brothers establish the micro winery Bre Brothers with the goal of producing high quality terroir wines from Mâconnaise and red wines from Beaujolais. Bret Brothers has also been organically certified (BIO) since 2006. This ambitious goal undoubtedly requires a number of specifications that are very important to the brothers.

The grapes here are processed with the same care and passion as at La Soufrandière.  The outstanding quality of the wines from the three brothers has been repeatedly confirmed by the overwhelming praise from the international press.

We have been tasting the chardonnays from Bret Brothers for a number of years and are continually impressed by their outstanding quality and the extraordinary price to performance ratio. Since January 2021, you can purchase a selections of Bret Brothers and La Soufrandière wines in our web shop: